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2021 Year in Review - Obligatory Awards Eligibility List!

Well, it’s that time of year again when all the cool kids are putting out their 2021 awards eligibility lists, and since I’d follow any one of them off the bridge if they jumped, I figured I’d create my list too! So…

This was my best writing year in quite a long time. I had more stories published than any single year in my writing career since 2008. I also released my first short fiction collection since that same year.

Fantastic Americana: Stories from Fairwood Press collects many of my stories from the last twenty years, and two that are original to the collection. Working with Fairwood and putting together this collection was a longtime dream, and I love the finished book. I had the opportunity to talk about the collection on some fantastic blogs, and you can check those essays out here to see if it sounds like your type of thing:

In addition to the two originals in my collection, I had seven other originals published in 2021. Here they are in order of publication, with links to where you can find them:

And, while they are not awards eligible because they’re reprints, I was excited to have the following stories receive fantastic audio treatments from some of my favorite podcasts:

Whew, that’s a lot for me. I’m thankful for the editors and readers and friends who gave these stories a shot. I already have more lined up for 2022 in some killer places, so next year should continue to rock!

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