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Recent Short Stories

January 2022 - Present

October 2022

"Face Down Death Volume VIII", FOUND: And Anthology of Found Footage Horror

September 2022

"We Share Our Rage with the River", Road Kill Vol 7: Texas Horror By Texas Writers


July 2022

"Sounds Like Forever", Bourbon Penn

March 2022

"The Beautiful People", Deck One (reprint)

"Their Blood Smells of Love and Terror", The Deadlands

February 2022

"February Moon", PseudoPod (audio reprint)

Upcoming Short Stories



"Constellation Burn", Bourbon Penn

"Thaw", Darkness Blooms

"Their Blood Smells of Love and Terror," The Deadlands Year One Anthology

Short Stories

2002 - 2021

November 2021

"Love Kills", The Arcanist

October 2021

"A Red Promise in the Palm of Your Hand", Weird Horror

"Blood Runs Cold", Dread Machine

August 2021

"Her Soul, A Dark Forest", Fantastic Americana: Stories, Fairwood Press

"In the Teeth", Fantastic Americana: Stories, Fairwood Press

July 2021

"The Beautiful People", Underland Arcana

May 2021

"Charming Valley", Dark Moon Digest

April 2021

"Snowfather", Tales to Terrify (audio reprint)

March 2021

"The Cure for Boyhood", Bourbon Penn

"Rewind", PodCastle (audio reprint)

February 2021

"Rattlesnake Song", PseudoPod (audio reprint)

January 2021

"The Guadalupe Witch", Beneath Ceaseless Skies

December 2020

“February Moon”, Science Fiction World (Chinese language reprint)


May 2020

“February Moon”, Beneath Ceaseless Skies


March 2020

“Rewind”, Eighteen XVIII, Underland Press


October 2019

“Fury’s Hour”, A Punk Rock Future, Zsenon Publishing


September 2019

“Revolutions Per Minute”, DreamForge Magazine


July 2019

“Rattlesnake Song”, Triangulation: Dark Skies, Parsec Inc.


November 2017

“Last Pale Light in the West”, Skelos 3,  Skelos Press


April 2017

“Snowfather”, Horror Library 6, Farolight Publishing


May 2016

“All My Pretty Chickens”, FWA 1, Underland Press (reprint)


 July 2015

“All My Pretty Chickens”, Farrago’s Wainscot


January 2014

“Cigarette Lighter Love Song”, Daily Science Fiction


August, 2013

“Best Energies”, Rayguns Over Texas, F.A.C.T.


April, 2013

“The Reckless Alternative” (w/ Sanford Allen), After Death, Dark Moon Books


June, 2011

“Chasing America”, Happily Ever After,  Night Shade Books (reprint)

“Escaping Salvation” (w/ Samantha Henderson), Realms of Fantasy


May, 2011

“Gone Daddy Gone”, PodCastle (audio reprint)


March, 2011

“Intrepid Travelers”, Electric Velocipede


April, 2009

“Gone Daddy Gone”, Lone Star Stories


December, 2008

“Veronica”, Lone Star Stories


November, 2008

“Fragments of a Fantasy Life” (w/ Mikal Trimm), Realms of Fantasy

“Gifting Bliss”, Drabblecast (audio reprint)

“When the Rain Comes”, The Lone Star Stories Reader, LSS Press (reprint)


July, 2008

“Bury My Guitar at Wounded Knee”, CBMFL, Wheatland Press

“Can’t Buy Me Faded Love”, CBMFL, Wheatland Press (reprint)

“Gifting Bliss”, CBMFL, Wheatland Press

“Grievous Angel”, CBMFL, Wheatland Press

“Indie Gods”, CBMFL, Wheatland Press

“Nikola and the Wolf”, CBMFL, Wheatland Press

“No One Here Gets Out Alive”, CBMFL, Wheatland Press

“Stephanie Shrugs”, CBMFL, Wheatland Press (reprint)

“The Review Lester Bangs Would Have Written for the New Stones Album if He’d Lived Long Enough to Witness the Fall of Humanity and the Rise of the Other”, CBMFL, Wheatland Press 


June, 2008

“No Leaving New Orleans”, Lone Star Stories


February, 2008

“Blood and Oil”, Realms of Fantasy


April, 2007

“Stephanie Shrugs”, Realms of Fantasy

"When the Rain Comes", Lone Star Stories


February, 2007

“In the Thicket, With Wolves”, Realms of Fantasy


December 2006

“Remember…”, Aeon


November, 2006

“Chasing America”, Polyphony 6, Wheatland Press

“Mean Street”, Book of Shadows, Brimstone Press (reprint)

“Only the Young”, Shadow Regions, Surreal Books

“Possibly Grief”, From the Trenches, Carnifex Press

“Seed and Soil”, Book of Shadows, Brimstone Press


June 2006

“A Better Place”, Realms of Fantasy


April 2006

“Tiny Sapphire and the Big Bad Virus”, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine


February 2006

“Can’t Buy Me Faded Love”, Lone Star Stories


January 2006

“Apple Red”, Aberrant Dreams


November 2005

“Sharp”, Shadow Box, Brimstone Press


October 2005

“Flight”, Shadowed Realms


September 2005

“In the Lane, Snow is Glistening”, Dark Discoveries

“Liberating the Tides of Time”, KidVisions


August 2005

“Friday Night Gods”, Escape Pod (audio)

“The Queen’s Wood,” Realms of Fantasy


April 2005

“Knock ‘em Dead Kid”, Revenant, Carnifex Press


February 2005

“Mean Street”, Shadowed Realms


October 2004

“Friday Night Gods”, Lone Star Stories


August 2004

“For the Sake of Rock & Roll”, Abyss & Apex


July 2004

“Papa Crawler”, Revolution SF (reprint)


June 2004

“Cool Rejection”, Lone Star Stories


May 2004

“Wood on Bone”, Horrorfind (reprint)


April 2004

“The King’s Snow”, Realms of Fantasy


August 2003

“Gift of the Ragmother”, Horrorfind


April 2003

“Papa Crawler”, Wicked Hollow


March 2003

“Wood on Bone”, Dark Animus


December 2002

“Fool’s Tile”, Glyph

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